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Heaters and Radiators

Stay warm wherever you go with Sears Appliance and Hardware Store portable heaters and radiators. We offer a variety of heater types and sizes, so you can find the right heater for your home, office, or garage. We carry heaters from brands like Kenmore, Honeywell, Craftsman, and more, so you can expect high-quality heating. At such affordable prices, you can put a heater in each room of your house, a great alternative to central heating. Choose from our many heaters, including wall mounted panel heaters, oscillating ceramic heaters, oil filled radiators, and more. Sears Appliance and Hardware Store are sure to keep you and your family warm and toasty during those long winter nights.

Sears Appliance and Hardware Store is your number one place for everything for your home. Enhance your house even more with our selection of air and water appliances. For the warmer parts of the year, check out our air conditioning units and fans.