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Bed Frames: Wood, Metal and Adjustable Bed Frames

Your back (and your mattress) deserve quality support for a good night’s sleep. Sears Appliance & Hardware Stores carries an array of bed frames to help you get in those ZZZs. Browse our large selection of wood, metal, and adjustable bed frames from Mantua and Beautyrest in a variety of sizes. For a clean and classic look to match any bedroom, check out our assortment of metal frames, guaranteed to complement any mattress. Control your back pain with adjustable bed frames which give you better control of your circulation and bloodflow, also proven to help prevent snoring. Adjustable bed frames will heal your body while you sleep and help you start your morning feeling fresh.

To complete your journey to the perfect night’s sleep, browse mattresses andbox springs and foundations at Sears Appliance & Hardware Stores.